The Golden Griffon Stringtet
Jim McKinney’s Original Tunes

Jim McKinney fiddling in the flowers

Jim McKinney plays fiddle and guitar with The Golden Griffon Stringtet and has been composing tunes since 1978. Listed below are a few of his original compositions in pdf, abc and mp3 formats.

1989 - Yoke The Cow, The Ox Has Died (mp3) (ABCs)

1992 - The Black Candle (mp3) (ABCs)

1999 - The Hare's Breath (mp3) (ABCs)

1999 - The Five Bloods (mp3) (ABCs)

2000 - The Cultural Misfit (mp3) (ABCs)

2002 - Broken Wing Swing (mp3) (ABCs)

2002 - The Silver Spur (mp3) (ABCs)

2003 - The Crying Woman (mp3) (ABCs)
Winner of the 2011 Strings Without Boundaries Composition Contest

2003 - Hop Now Schottische (mp3) (ABCs)

2003 - Chiarina (mp3) (ABCs)

2004 - The Well Digger's Daughter (mp3) (ABCs)
2nd place in the 2004 NEASTA Fiddle Tune Composition Contest

2004 - Emptyhead (mp3) (ABCs)
Winner of the 2005 NEASTA Fiddle Tune Composition Contest

2005 - The Scalawag's March To The Gallows (mp3) (ABCs)

2006 - The Rusty Trunnion (mp3) (ABCs)

2006 - Perporkin (mp3) (ABCs)
Winner of the 2006 NEASTA Fiddle Tune Composition Contest

2006 - The Lucky Streak (mp3) (ABCs)
3rd place in the 2007 NEASTA Fiddle Tune Composition Contest

2007 - Elwell's Farewell to Welfare (mp3) (ABCs)

2007 - The Hand of Fu Manchu (mp3) (ABCs)

2007 - The Ivory Teapot (mp3) (ABCs)

2011 - The Callipygian Lassie (mp3) (ABCs)
3rd place in the 2011 NEASTA Fiddle Tune Composition Contest

2012 - The Corpulent Stevedore (mp3) (ABCs)

2014 - No Title #11 (mp3) (ABCs)

2015 - Corky’s Trip To The Eastside (mp3) (ABCs)

2016 - Saragoza Waltz (mp3) (ABCs)

2016 - The Elegant Doctor (mp3) (ABCs)

2017 - No Title #13 (mp3) (ABCs)

2017 - Keg O’Nails (mp3) (ABCs)

2017 - No Title #14 (mp3) (ABCs)

Jim has also published a short piece of fiction with music and dance themes in the Fall 2011 edition of Fiddler Magazine. His story, Art Bowman and the Demon of Mooreville, is available as a text file by clicking on the title.